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Vitamins and Minerals: USANA Essentials - USANA Mega Antioxidant & USANA Chelated Mineral USANA Ginkgo-PS™ USANA PhytoEstrin™ USANA Visionex®
USANA CellSentials PackUSANA CopaPrime+™USANA EstroPro™ (Upgraded PhytoEstrin)USANA Visionex® DS









USANA Probiotic usana natural whitening toothpaste USANA HealthPak, HealthPak, usana health pack USANA BiOmega
USANA® Oral ProbioticUSANA® Whitening Toothpaste Featuring ADP-1USANA HealthPakUSANA BiOmega™









USANA Probiotic USANA Proflavanol® C100 USANA Proflavanol® C200 USANA 5 Day RESET Weight-loss Jumpstart
USANA ProbioticUSANA Proflavanol® C100USANA Proflavanol® C200USANA 5-Day RESET™ Weight-Loss Jumpstart









USANA Vitamin D USANA MagneCal D USANA Procosa® USANA Digestive Enzyme
USANA Vitamin DUSANA MagneCal D™ (New & Improved Active Calcium)USANA ProcosaUSANA Digestive Enzyme









USANA Fibergy Plus MySmartShake Protein Plus Booster USANA BiOmega USANA Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal
MySmartShake Fibergy PlusMySmartShake Protein Plus BoosterUSANA ProglucamuneUSANA Chocolate Nutrimeal™









USANA Vanilla Nutrimeal USANA BabyCare Prenatal Essentials - USANA prenatal vitamin USANA Nutrimeal Free usana biomega jr omega-3 fatty acids for kids
USANA Vanilla Nutrimeal™USANA Prenatal CellsentialsUSANA Nutrimeal FreeUSANA BiOmega Jr.









USANA Pure Rest USANA CoQuinone® 30 USANA CoQuinone® 100 USANA Sense Hair and Body Pack
USANA Pure Rest™USANA CoQuinone® 30USANA CoQuinone® 100USANA Sensé Hair And Body Pack










USANA Booster C 600™ USANA Body Rox™ Active Calcium™ Chewable USANA Core Minerals, usana chelated mineral USANA Vita-Antioxidant, USANA Mega Antioxidant
USANA Booster C 600™USANA Active Calcium ChewableUSANA Core Minerals USANA Vita-Antioxidant









USANA Sense Revitalizing Shampoo USANA Rev3 Energy Surge™ Pack USANA Sense Energizing Shower Gel USANA Sense Nourishing Conditioner
USANA Sense Revitalizing ShampooUSANA Rev3 Energy Surge™ Pack (14 Sticks)USANA Sense Energizing Shower GelUSANA Sense Nourishing Conditioner









USANA Rev3 Energy USANA Palmetto Plus™ USANA Usanimals™ USANA Body Rox
USANA Rev3 Energy™USANA Palmetto Plus™USANA Usanimals™USANA Body Rox™









USANA Hepasil DTX™ USANA Rev3 Energy Surge™ Pack USANA Sensé Shower Pack USANA Sense Intensive Hand Therapy
USANA Hepasil DTX™USANA Rev3 Energy Surge™ Pack (28 Sticks)USANA Sensé Shower PackUSANA Sense Intensive Hand Therapy









MySmartShake Whey Shake Base USANA MySmartShake Soy Protein Base USANA Mega Antioxidant usana pampered hands set, usana shower gel, usana intensive hand moisturizer
MySmartShake Whey Shake BaseMySmartShake Soy Shake BaseUSANA Vita Antioxidant w/out Vitamin KUSANA Sense Pampered Hands Sink Set









USANA Prenatal Essentials and USANA BiOmega Fish Oil USANA Sense Firming Body Nourisher
Prenatal PackUSANA Sense Firming Body Nourisher




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USANA and High-Quality Manufacturing

USANA was founded with a mission to manufacture the highest-quality products without compromise—products people can trust. Because poor manufacturing can destroy great science, USANA is one of the few companies to manufacture most of its products in its own state-of-the-art facility. To ensure that the formulas developed in USANA's laboratories are produced consistently, the same process is followed each time manufacturing begins.

Each dietary supplement produced by USANA carries a Potency Guarantee, which ensures that what is stated on the label is actually contained in the product.

USANA® Essentials™ (Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral), Procosa® II, Active Calcium™, and the HealthPak™ have all been exhaustively tested by NSF International and have been found to contain all ingredients at the labeled amounts. NSF is an independent, not-for-profit organization that helps protect consumers by certifying products and writing standards for food, water, and consumer goods.

In addition, when compared to 1,500 other products, USANA was named Editor’s Choice, and two products (Essentials and HealthPak) each received a top 5-star rating and Gold Medal of Achievement from NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements™, Consumer Edition.

A number of USANA supplements have been evaluated and approved by ConsumerLab.com, a leading provider of independent test results and information.

USANA is a member of the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)—an association of dietary supplement and functional food companies that share a commitment to provide consumers with natural health products of superior quality, benefit, and reliability.

A Commitment to Strict Manufacturing Standards
The Food and Drug Administration requires that dietary supplement manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for dietary supplements (21 CFR, part 111). USANA, however, voluntarily follows the more stringent GMP for pharmaceuticals as the basis for its quality assurance program, which regulates virtually every aspect of manufacturing, including facility design and maintenance, raw material specification and control, supplier validation, product design and testing, and more. This voluntary adherence to GMP for pharmaceuticals means that USANA treats nutritional supplements with the same care that goes into the manufacturing of over-the-counter products.

In addition, USANA has acquired Drug Establishment Registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This means USANA operates an FDA-registered facility, following the FDA’s highest possible standard for manufacturers.

Also, where applicable, USANA voluntarily tests its supplements to make sure they meet trusted United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards and specifications for potency, uniformity, and disintegration.

In several countries around the world, supplements are more highly regulated than in the United States. In Australia, for example, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) mandates that manufacturers follow a set of GMP identical to pharmaceutical GMP in the United States. As an Australian supplier, USANA is regularly inspected and audited by the TGA to ensure that their GMP standards are met.

Aside from meeting the criteria of regular TGA audits, USANA has voluntarily obtained additional third-party verification of GMP status. Since 2006, USANA’s Salt Lake City, Utah, manufacturing facility has been certified to be in compliance with NSF/ANSI Dietary Supplement GMP requirements set forth by NSF International. According to NSF, "GMP registration reflects [a] continued commitment to ensuring quality and satisfaction and gives companies confidence that their organization operates in conformance to established GMP."

It is USANA's mission to develop and provide the highest-quality, science-based products. By rigorously testing each product for potency and purity and by following pharmaceutical GMP, USANA sets the standard for excellence in dietary supplement manufacturing. Once again, this is proof that USANA products are truly Nutritionals You Can Trust.